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The Process

The SavvyJack Difference

When you buy from SavvyJack you receive an authentic, hand-crafted product designed to handle what life throws your way. At SavvyJack, there are no Amazon distribution centers, no ad-agencies, or factories… Instead, it’s ‘keep it simple Jack’ – only my name is Michael. Jack is my brother. Everything at SavvyJack is made by me, by hand. At one location. We take pride in earning “Made in the USA” the old-fashioned way.

SavvyJack oils and waxes are hand-poured and formulated through a relentless process dedicated to delivering products with superior performance. SavvyJack combs are individually crafted using a table saw, band saw, belt sander, hand chisels and practiced skill. Our hand-chiseled teeth are optimally shaped to glide through your hair, and can’t be replicated by mass-production machines. An elite product is made when each one is held in your hand, and unique character is achieved only one way – the hard way.

When you buy from SavvyJack you receive unmatched quality that I stand behind because I personally do the work, and I do it right. That’s why in the 3 years we’ve been in business, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee has been requested exactly twice. So, buy with confidence. Buy with trust. Trust in what’s still made by man, by a SavvyJack.

Michael Pollock
Founder & Craftsman
100% Satisfaction Guarantee