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[ Savvy-Jack ] (n):
An experienced, knowledgable and well-informed man, united with his fellow man by common interests.
This is our guidon — A guidon to band-together those who value competency over bravado, knowledge over narrative, inquiry over edict, and freedom over safety.
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The Four Hat Riddle

"Get Savvy" Riddle #1

May 24
Michael Pollock

Four men are standing,
Each with a hat.
Two hats are white,
Two hats are black.

Though they can't see their own,
They see other hats.
Each man can see forward.
No man can see back...

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The Spinning Top – A deliberate rhythm to life.

Optimizing your sleep-wake cycle.

Dec 13
Rich Liberatore

The times in which we live are replete with technologies that make our lives much, much easier. Yet, paradoxically, we are exponentially more distracted. Back in the good ol' days, we lived and died by the sun. There was a natural rhythm to the day that couldn't be manipulated to any large extent – the means to do so were too costly. And, most people were too tired from the day’s manual work to concern themselves with sticking to a rhythm. The rhythm was their life.

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Pine Resin Survival Uses

Useful applications of the versatile, plentiful pine resin.

Feb 20
Michael Pollock

Pine trees are an incredibly abundant and useful natural resource if you have the know-how. They have all kinds of survival uses beyond the resin. You can consume the nuts (in the cones), needles (tea), and even the inner bark (not the hard outer stuff). It's a fast burning fire wood, especially useful for getting a fire going. The roots can be used for cordage. Branches can be used for bedding. And, you can of course build with it.

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What Makes the Best Mustache Wax?

Things to consider when choosing a mustache wax.

Nov 16
Michael Pollock

When I first started growing my mustache and realized I didn’t enjoy a mouth full of whiskers, I decided I’d get a mustache wax and that would be the end of it. Then I hopped online and found a bunch of different ingredients with uncorrelated claims of hold strength. After applying the medium hold mustache wax I chose, a long-time friend immediately asked why my mustache looked so disgustingly greasy. It didn’t hold too well either.

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